1% for the Planet


For 30 years, MP Labo has been mindful of the manner with which its products are elaborated,

constantly questioning the impact on the environment.


The need to go one step further than simple awareness required action.

Logically, from the beginning of the creation of its new range of products, MP Labo wanted Phytobiovet® to join 1% for the Planet, an alliance of companies around the world that have understood the necessity of protecting the natural environment. The social and environmental impact of our company is a great preoccupation for us and forms the basis of our commitment.

We have the satisfaction of better preparing our common future by contributing, on our scale, to a greater corporate responsibility and a recognition of the preferences of our conscientious clients, who appreciate serious and concrete environmental commitments.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, Phytobiovet® seeks to promote a real change by leading by example for collaborators and clients.

MP Labo made the choice of giving 1% of all Phytobiovet® revenue sales to environmental associations recognized by 1% for the Planet.