Ecosoin Bio

ECOSOIN BIO for Animals

ECOCERT, a body that monitors and provides organic and environmental certification, has created a control referent for animal hygiene and care products: ‘Ecosoin des animaux’. It takes into consideration ecological practices in their entirety, including the environmental impact of hygiene and care products, as measured by demanding quality criteria and considering the entire transformation process.

Our ECOSOIN BIO commitments

Translating these commitments into concrete actions entails:

  • Giving privilege to natural and/or renewable resources over those from any other origin
  • Giving privilege to organically farmed agro-resources
  • Giving privilege to formulas with the least possible impact on the environment
  • Giving privilege to the least environmentally harmful transformation processes
  • Guaranteeing transparency with the regards to the consumer through simple standardized communication and rigorously monitored traceability.

The Phytobiovet ®, product range is composed, at a minimum, of 95% naturally sourced ingredients and 15% certified organically farmed ingredients. However, promoting natural and organic choices does not merely entail careful ingredient selection. For greater coherence, we pay attention to packaging: bottles and boxes are recyclable, wipes and cotton pads are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable cotton, no excess or useless packaging and no synthetic fragrances!

ECOSOIN Bio des animaux as monitored by ECOCERT Greenlife. Referent available at